At Kusnandar & Co., we work to help our clients resolve disputes efficiently and effectively whether through litigation, arbitration, mediation or other techniques in a manner that promotes their business objectives. We also work with clients to develop compliance programs and other procedures to minimize future litigation risks.

As arbitration increases in popularity and effectiveness in the Asia-Pacific region, Kusnandar & Co. has gained substantial experience with this cost and time-effective method for the private resolution of domestic and international disputes.

Through is representation of ED & F Man in a dispute relating to the importation of sugar from England from the District Court level to Judicial Review at the Supreme Court level, Kusnandar & Co. successfully obtained the first ever judicial foreign arbitral order from the Indonesian Supreme Court in conformity with the New-York Convention on the Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards.

Individual Kusnandar lawyers specializing in arbitration serve as panelists or counsel or expert witness within many arbitration institutions including the Singapore International Arbitration Center (SIAC) and the British Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, the Hong Kong International Arbitration Center and Canadian International Arbitration Center.

They also mediate private dispute in Indonesia and contribute to the development of domestic arbitration and mediation mechanisms.