Foreign corporations intending to employ expatriates in Indonesia consult with us for advice on how to ensure that they are fully operational by the time their presence is actually needed on the ground and how to maintain the legally and validity of their work and residency documents throughout their assignment in Indonesia.

We advise on local labor regulations, such as the organization of the transfer of know-how, tax regulations, and how to deal best with the interaction of various national legal orders in employment matters.

Our firm guarantees the swift process of all visas, permits and registrations with the relevant government agencies in respect of the employment of expatriates, as summarily outlined below:

- Employment contract;
- Employment report;
- RPTKA Expatriate manpower placement plan;
- DPKK Fees;
- VITAS Limited Stay Visa/Working visa;
- KITAS Limited Stay Permit/Blue Book/POA or Foreigner Registration;
- IMTA - Work Permit;
- KITAP Permanent Stay Visa;
- ERP or MERP Single or Multiple Exit/re-Entry Visa;
- SKLD Residential Police Card;
- STM - Local Police Repot;
- SKPPS and SKTT Residential documents;
- Driverís license and vehicle registration;
- VKSB - Cultural or Social Visit Visa;
- Special VKU for Temporary Working Permit;
- VKU and VKUBP Single or Multiple Entry Business Visa;
- Extension of each the above permit or visa;
- EPO (Exit Permit Only)/Final departure for each of the above permit or visa;