Our core expertise at Kusnandar & Co. consists of providing guidance to current and prospective foreign investors against their counterparts in Indonesia on the legal, financial and fiscal ramifications of each contextually relevant aspect of their investment, including the most appropriate structure for their projects, before their implementation and throughout the time of their operation.

Kusnandar & Co. undertakes sharp analysis anticipating potential loopholes in offering the most appropriate foundation for doing business in Indonesia, in order to avoid unnecessary anxiety in the future. Our experienced attorneys will look into business concepts in depth and from a variety of angels to prescribe a structure that caters to and serves the ultimate objectives.

Foreign investors can establish a presence in Indonesia in various ways as summarily laid out below:

- Appointing agents and/or distributors;
- Entering into contractual relationships by way of technical assistance agreements or other types of cooperation agreements;
- Franchising and royalty or licensing related arrangements;
- Establishing a representative office, a regional representative office or a branch office;
- Setting up a company with limited liability, either as a joint-venture with local capital or as a direct foreign-owned subsidiary;
- Merging with or acquiring an existing company.

For each of the above vehicles, our services span from the preparation of the feasibility studies, negotiation of terms and conditions, documentation in Indonesia and English, or as required, to securing all required government approvals and registrations.

We are also committed to ensure that our clients are kept up to date on all regulatory changes of relevance to their business operations or transactions.

Down the road, we assist clients maneuvering through the re-organization and restructuring of these relationships or the most adequate handling of their rupture, liquidation or dissolution.