Winita E. Kusnandar   

Winita E. Kusnandar SH MBA MCIArb is a founding partner of the firm, which she managed over the years to lift up to the top-tier of the legal profession in Indonesia.

Mrs. Kusnandar graduated from the Faculty of Law of University Parahyangan and has been a member of the Bar Association of Indonesia since 1979. She later earned an MBA from the University of Leicester, England, and a port-graduate diploma in Competition Law at the University of London, King`s College. She is currently undertaking a doctorate program at the University of Indonesia and continued at Universitas Pelita Harapan (S3).

Mrs. Kusnandar has substantial experience acting as a legal adviser, mediator, arbitrator, expert witness and litigator (both locally and internationally) in Banking, Finance, General Corporate and Commercial, Investment, Mergers, Acquisitions, Restructurings, Capital Markets, Securities, Land/Property, Admiralty, Taxation, Intellectual Property Rights, Labor, Industrial Relations and Natural Resources. Before leading the international practice of Kusnandar & Co., in affiliation or association with world-renown US, Canadian, Hong-Kong and Singaporean Law firms, she was a Legal Assistant in corporate, commercial, notarial and land/property matters at the renown Notary/Land Title Authority Kartini Mulyadi and a civil and criminal Litigator at the Law Office of the notorious Litigator Adnan Buyung Nasution.

Mrs. Kusnandar holds the full panoply of licenses required in Indonesia to advise and represent clients across the whole spectrum of the legal implications of their business activities. She is a licensed Litigator with the Ministry of Justice and the Supreme Court, a licensed Capital Market Consultant, a licensed Bankruptcy lawyer and Receiver/Administrator in bankruptcy proceedings, a licensed Arbitrator, a member of the Singapore Arbitration Center and of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators of England (East Asia Branch) and a license Intellectual Property Right Consultant. Mrs. Kusnandar is also a Sworn Translator, she is experienced in serving as an Expert Witness and she is affiliated to the licensed Auction House "Integral".

Mrs. Kusnandar is will-regarded among her peers, she has published a large number of articles in legal journals and publications (among others: Center for Law Studies ("PPH") Newsletter No.7/Th.II/Des.1991, Indonesia (1991): "Development and Impediments to the Enforcement of Foreign Arbitration Judgments in Indonesia"; Presentation at a Seminar held in Japan by Japan Patents Attorneys Association (1998): "A Brief Presentation of the Amendments of Indonesian IPR Laws Corresponding to WTO/TRIPs and Recent Topics"; Seminar of Arbitration and Mediation, Indonesia (2002): Speaker "A Review of the Arbitration Mechanism in Law No. 30 of 1999"; Kluwer Law International (2003), Jerusalem: "Enforcement of Foreign Judgment"; The Asialaw IP Review Hong Kong: "Post-Crisis Dilemmas for Foreign Investors and Regulators Vol. 1 Issue 4"; "Cyber squatters and Branding Technology Vol. 2 Issue 1 (2004)"; "Indonesia's Long Road to Effective Protection of IP Rights (May 2004)").

Mrs. Kusnandar is an active member of many Indonesian and international legal associations (among others: Advoc Asia (Pacific); Asean Intellectual Property Association (Asean IPA), Singapore; Intellectual Property Asia, Hong Kong; Asia Law, Hong-Kong; Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA), Japan; Singapore International Arbitration Center, Singapore; International Bar Association (IBA), England; International Business Law Consortium (IBLC), Austria; International Business Lawyer (IBL), Germany, Van Vollenhoven Institute for Law and Administration in Non-Western Countries (WILA), Netherlands; International Correspondence Laywer (ICL), Germany; International Trademark Association (INTA), USA; International Bar Association, USA; American Bar Association, USA; Law Society Fund Foundation, Global Counsels, USA; International Who's Who of Professional, USA).

Mrs. Kusnandar oversees and participates to a wide variety of Educational and Trainings Program, locally and overseas through Global Institute, a training, research and consulting institution which she founded together with professionals in the field of Finance, Tax, Business and Legal both from the private and governmental sectors in association with local governments throughout Indonesia.

She speaks English and Indonesian.

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